Keeping students engaged & Focused During KLB

KLB (Kursi Luar Biasa – The Awesome Chair) is something I finish most lessons with and has been extraordinarily successful with all the students who have volunteered to sit in it.  I have blogged about it before and you can read about it here and here.

At our last PLC meeting, we discussed ways in which would keep the rest of the class focused and engaged while the teacher is having a one on one conversation with the student sitting in the kursi luar biasa. I trialed one of those ideas today with my year 2/3 class and it was very successful. While I was busy chatting with Summer, the rest of her class had to listen and draw quickly on the clear board about the things Summer was telling us about herself.

Here are a good selection that have illustrated the following facts we learned about Summer:

  1. Summer has 5 people in her family.
  2. Summer has a dog named Sasha.
  3. Summer does not like to eat fish.
  4. Summer likes to eat pizza.
  5. Summer is clever at spelling.
  6. Summer doesn’t have a cat.
  7. Summer doesn’t play any sport.




Another idea to keep the class engaged is to strongly encourage the student sitting in the chair to stretch the truth (lie). Boy does this ramp it up.

I have also found it very engaging to support the chat with a PowerPoint. Having a sentence per page with useful language and picture prompts really helps the conversation and makes it significantly easier to draw other students into the discussion.