Closure Day Coming Up – Hear About Agen 2016!!

September 5th is our school district closure day and all schools here but one will be focusing on numeracy at one site. With my principals agreement, I am arranging an alternative program on that day specifically  for all language teachers keen to develop their proficiency with TCI/TPRS. If you are interested and would like to join us, please contact me via this blog, twitter or the  TPRS Indonesian Facebook Group.

I am very excited to announce that our host speaker will be Annie Beach who is fresh back from the Agen Conference which was held very recently in France. She met with us yesterday and gave us a glimpse into her experiences and it confirms for me how vital it is that we access TCI/TPRS training somehow.

Here are a few snippets that she shared yesterday:

Annie gave us a demo of one word images based on ‘Apa ini?’ (what’s this) which she will share again September 5th. I found it compelling and can’t wait to discuss it more at our T&D. Using student suggestions, she showed us how possible it is to develop a story from their imaginations!

She mentioned a few more uses for the Artist job which for me is a sadly under-utilised job. She suggested that they could illustrate the target structure of the lesson and that could be used for all sorts of things. How cool too would it be if the artist could illustrate aspects of the story that then could be incorporated into a book which could be added to the reading collection.

Annie has come home very determined to explore avenues in which we can create more books for our students which are suitable and TPRS compatible.Sharon shared a few books she has made using free clipart. Apparently they have been popular with students as the stories are ones written by classes! It would be so much better if we could use original artwork and not worry about copyright issues which will make sharing so much simpler.

Annie gave a demonstration of a job which requires a student to call out the meaning of a question word. In  her classes she found this job handy for several reasons. If the teacher said ‘who’ (siapa) then a designated student would say clearly, ‘Siapa means who’ with a loud clap at the end. Not only did this help students acquire ‘siapa’, but it also gave their brain a short quirky break! I want to try this idea this week as the word comes up regularly in my  junior primary classes when I ask “siapa mau duduk di kursi luar biasa?’ (who wants to sit in the awesome chair?)

She shared with us a chant Sabrina Sebban-Janczak  (see the front pic – Agen  2015) did to introduce personal pronouns in a fun way. What a great idea! I was thinking we could do something along the lines of:
saya is me, (hands pointing at yourself) clap, clap, clap
anda is you, (hands pointing at others) clap, clap, clap
but not to an adult! (NB cultural opportunity to talk about respect, pointing and ALWAYS addressing adults as Bu or Pak.

Annie also mentioned a few ways that Sabrina  used to keep her students (Annie was one) engaged and active in the moment: when the teacher wants to add a new detail and add a bit of fun, she/he says, “Murid-murid, ada rahasia!” (Students, I’ve got a secret) and the students have to cross their legs, lean forward and put their chin in their hand! Teacher then whispers the new detail or whatever needed saying. Cool? Or when adding the problem in the story, the teacher says, ‘Ada masalah murid-murid!’ (Students, there’s a problem) to which the students replied while shaking their head from side to side, ‘Aduh, Aduh, Aduh!’ (Oh no, oh no, oh no!)

Annie also shared the idea of having a GURU (professor) to make the call on decisions in  class when there are lots of ideas and there is no clear majority of support either one.

One last tip she shared was to create a circling card on a small note card which could sit in the palm of your hand. One the card are 3 lists of words. The first is a list of characters from popular culture (The Who list). The second is a list of verbs and the final list is a list of popular places (The where list). Have you ever been mid circling and had a mental blank? I certainly have and a list like this would be so helpful and could also be added to whenever unfamiliar names or great ideas are suggested by students!

That was as far as we got as we then had to return to fine tuning our 2 upcoming workshops; one at MLTASA conference & again at ASILE. Hope to see you there!!