TPR – Bop It

Googling for TPR ideas for upcoming lessons, I have just found this great idea….. in a comment on a blog post!! Just goes to show why feedback is valuable! Apparently there is a hasbro game called Bop It! Here is link to the promo youtube video. For a laugh, also have a look here at … Continue reading TPR – Bop It

MP – Adult TPRS/TCI Activities

Pre Story Telling Activities (Ideas on ways to introduce the target structures (vocabulary) necessary for student comprehension of the up-coming story) Reverse Bingo – Danielle Horne Word Race Stories – Martina Bex Mime sentences/words – Carol Gaab: Student stands in front of board with their back to it. Point to a word/sentence and class has to mime/gesture the … Continue reading MP – Adult TPRS/TCI Activities